A Managed Access Program (MAP) allows physicians and patients’ access to much needed medicines when they have exhausted all treatment options. These may be newer therapies as well as drugs not available in the patients’ country.

A MAP can also be known as an Expanded Access Program (EAP), Early Access Program, Compassionate Use Program, Named Patient Program (NPP). Essentially they all describe the provision of an unlicensed medication from another country to patients that have no local alternative. There are so many oncology medicines or other therapy medicines which are approved in USA /EU/ Japan but not yet approved for marketing in other countries yet. IPI being import medicine distributor help in accessing such medicines. Our service portfolio also includes orphan drugs or medicines for rare diseases as well.

There are so many medicines which need controlled temperature environment throughout their lifecycle. We ensure that mode of transportation decisions whether to send through courier or use Air Cargo services; 

Global Distribution Network, transparent pricing and compliant services are core value addition of our business processes.